August 4, 2019 Dayton, Ohio Shooting – The police, students, and the school knew!

If anyone should have been on a watch list – it would be the Dayton, Ohio shooter?

Whoever controls the crime scene – controls the narrative

Everyone knew who he was

Dayton shooter killed his sister and wounded his best friend, Charles Beard

The shooter knew Beard and sister Megan Betts were in or just outside the bar when he started shooting

The best hope of finding a motive for the murders is Charles Beard

The Facebook page lists Beard as an electrical engineer for Raytheon, the defense contractor. Dayton’s biggest employer is Wright-Patterson Air Force base.

Beard’s father would not comment when CNN approached to ask about his son.

Classmates of Betts’ who said he was expelled from school after officials found a notebook where he reportedly wrote a hit-list of people who he wanted to rape, kill and skin their bodies. The classmate we spoke with said Betts was supposed to write a letter of apology to the people on the list. After being expelled, Betts was allowed back to school,.

She said Betts often simulated shooting other students and threatened to kill himself and others on several occasions.”He loved to look at you and pretend to shoot with guns, guns with his hands,” she said.

Ohio shooter was suspended from school for writing a “hit-list” on a bathroom wall, sparking a lockdown.

On the day the “hit list” came out in 2012, roughly a third of the students at Bellbrook High School skipped school out of fear of being targeted, according to the Dayton Daily News.

A classmate told the Daily News that Betts had “fantasized about tying her up and slitting her throat” and he told her he was scared he had those thoughts. She said she was included on a hit list, but her concerns weren’t taken seriously when she reported them.

Another former classmate, who asked not to be identified out of concerns for his privacy, also recalled being summoned to a school administrator’s office and being told he was “number one” on the list of students Betts 

A third person, who also asked not to be named for privacy reasons, told CNN that Betts sent messages about the list to one of his classmates, who told her mother. Her mother then notified the police, who came to the school and interviewed people on the list individually in the school’s office.

A police officer called her cellphone during her freshman year to tell her that her name was included on a list of potential targets.

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools officials declined to comment on those accounts, only confirming that Betts attended schools in the district.

Police Chief Michael Brown wouldn’t answer any questions about Betts from an AP reporter Monday. Asked about a hit list in high school, the chief said “I don’t know anything about that,”

Student was on a school bus when a uniformed police officer came on board, asked for Betts by name and then escorted him off.

Ex-girlfriend ended a brief relationship with the shooter in May

Dayton shooting gunman who police say killed 9 was in a ‘pornogrind’ metal band

According to a friend, Megan was a closeted trans man who identified with the name Jordan Cofer

Betts family intelligence / military ties

2017 Steve Betts, the shooter’s father, works at Altamira Technologies Corporation, a top open source technology company in the national security space. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Altamira provides engineering and analytic services to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities.  [Source 2]

Shooters father and possibly his mother too founded Minethurn Technology, Inc. In 2014, he wrote, “Still looking for good software developers. Need senior to mid-level talent. Prefer Java and DoD experience. Must be capable of holding a clearance   [Source 2]

It has also emerged that Betts was a member of junior ROTC military program during his time at Bellbrook.