MSM waits 4 months to tell us about a SF mysterious ‘tidal event’?

Earlier this year, the San Francisco Port Commission commended a boat captain for safely delivering 23 passengers from danger during a “tidal event,” an honor so rare it hasn’t been bestowed in at least 20 years.

Even more unusual is that many questions surrounding the event, which broke chains, nearly sunk a moored boat and endangered lives, remain unanswered.

Commendations from the commission have been so infrequent that Port staff were unable to find records detailing when and why the last one was issued. Captain David Crumpler has become the first in recent memory.

Crumpler was commended for “demonstrating outstanding judgement, boat handling and navigational skills when he maneuvered his boat out of “squall-like weather,’” broken infrastructure and loose debris during an unusual “tidal event”