A Mystery Frequency Disrupted Car Fobs in an Ohio City

For weeks, some garage doors would not open and some car doors would not unlock in a Cleveland suburb. After some sleuthing, officials say they discovered the reason.

It sounded like something from an episode of “The X-Files”: Starting a few weeks ago, in a suburban neighborhood a few miles from a NASA research centerin Ohio, garage door openers and car key fobs mysteriously stopped working.

Garage door repair people, local ham radio enthusiasts and other volunteer investigators descended on the neighborhood with various meters. Everyone agreed that something powerful was interfering with the radio frequency that many fobs rely on, but no one could identify the source.

Officials of North Olmsted, a city just outside Cleveland, began receiving calls about the problems in late April, Donald Glauner, the safety and service director for North Olmsted, said on Saturday.

In the weeks that followed, more than a dozen residents reported intermittent issues getting their car fobs and garage door openers to work. Most lived within a few blocks of one another in North Olmsted though some were from the nearby city of Fairview Park.

Source: A Mystery Frequency Disrupted Car Fobs in an Ohio City, and Now Residents Know Why – The New York Times