Let’s settle this ‘fake news saga’ once and for all.



by Greg Ericson

Ever since Donald Trump became president, we’ve been hearing the phrase ‘fake news.’ Fake news is news that isn’t true.

In today’s world, we have mainstream media, alternative media, and social media. The biggest culprit of fake news is by far mainstream media.

There are many ways of telling lies in today’s reporting and journalism. One can lie by just telling an outright lie. Newswires can also do what I call ‘lies by omission.’ That is to say not releasing key information on a certain subject. The third way is by telling the truth but burying it so deep most people will never read it.

Let’s look at outright lies first. For decades mainstream media has labeled activists as anti-government. These people are not anti-government – they’re anti-corrupt government. This is a monumental lie. It paints activists as thugs. Just type in ‘anti-government’ in your search engine – you will get thousands of articles. I can’t stress how damaging this is.

An example of a lie by omission – It was reported that only two buildings fell at near free fall speed on 9.11.2019. In fact, there were three buildings that fell. World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7. Nearly 20 years later most Americans still don’t know 3 buildings fell.

An example of burying the truth, which by the way my job for the last 30 years has been deep diving to find these articles. Most people have no idea the CIA plotted to commit a terrorist act on US soil. Here’s the CBS article.

Alternative and social media also put out fake news but mainstream media is doing the most damage. Alternative and social media is basically citizen press not bound by corporations or advertisers. Mainstream media’s hands are tied by corporations and advertisers with an agenda?