Notre-Dame fire: What you’re not being told

Accident or sabotage?

Lou Dobbs Suggests Ruling Out Arson as Cause of Notre Dame Fire Was a ‘Political Decision’

A fire alarm sounded at 6:20 p.m. – 23 minutes before the fire

Fury as it emerges Notre Dame officials refused to install fire alarms and sprinklers in ‘tinderbox’ roof that ‘could have saved iconic spire

Questions for the Paris fire brigade chief as Notre Dame burns

Before the fire

Statues removed from the roof for restoration just days before the fire

Huge explosion in Paris on April 6, 2019 days before the Notre-Dame fire

Paris’ historic Saint-Sulpice church briefly catches fire. – March 17, 2019

Fire breaks out on the first day of Easter week.

The fire started minutes after the cathedral closed.

Macron was due to make a major TV speech an hour after the fire started.

Notre-Dame Cathedral is owned by the government.

Notre-Dame is a U.N. world heritage site

Michelle Obama in Paris near Notre Dame as cathedral went up in flames

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