Gavin Newsom/SOC complete failure of preparation and response time concerning wildfires

The state of CA had since at least 1994 to be prepared for these wildfires.

Even the Governor says he has not done enough!

“Broad strokes, we are stepping up our game. I hear you, I get it, we have to do more.” — California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Not nearly enough of air tankers – not nearly enough of anything – The state of CA had since at least 1994 to be prepared for these wildfires. The state has repeatedly told the public to be prepared and yet they are nowhere near prepared.

Satellites detect forest fires the moment they start

Response time is the key to stopping wildfires. Like the current Kincade wildfire – if they would have jumped on it when it was 300 acres or less [satellite technology can identify wildfires the moment they start] it wouldn’t have grown to 22,000 acres overnight. The military can conduct operations at night with ease, yet our wildfires have no aerial operations at night.

Jet tankers could do touch and load water landing in lakes! – Oh, I forgot – we don’t have any of those jets!

California should have a large fleet of air supertankers and tankers that can land in lakes. as it is now, tankers have to fly to a major airport to get water. Takes an hour to refuel? flying time back to the fire. In the case of Clearlake, CA –  everything could have been done from the lakes!!

One 747 supertanker for the entire US!

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