Parkland: The mother of all failures

Indication of a cover-up?

Most of his confession is exempt from public release, although the judge is considering whether to seal the entire video-recorded interview. Another hearing on the issue is set for July 16. – MIAMI HERALD

Why are they trying to block release of Stoneman security videos – Miami Herald

Florida Gov. Scott calls for FBI director’s resignation

Inside the multiple failures to stop Parkland shooting

Some officials wanted Florida school shooting suspect forcibly committed in 2016 – ORLANDO SENTINEL

Mass shootings: why do authorities keep missing the warning signs? – GUARDIAN

Senate panel explores why the FBI missed warnings before Parkland school shooting – LA TIMES

Sheriff says he got 23 calls about shooter’s family, but records show more – CNN

FBI missed the warning signs — again – BOSTON GLOBE

Florida shooting suspect’s mom let him buy gun despite school and mental health counselors having at least 140 contacts with Nikolas Cruz – AP

Retired Secret Service agent had warned Stoneman Douglas about security failures – Sun Sentinel

A campus monitor at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School warned school staff members that Nikolas Cruz was acting suspiciously as he entered the campus on Feb. 14. – FOX NEWS

Deputies were told to set up ‘perimeter’ around Parkland shooting. That’s not the training – MIAMI HERALD

Florida emergency medical teams frustrated over ‘delay’ in Parkland school shooting response – FOX

Security failures in Parkland school shooting included unlocked doors, no PA system – ABC

Teacher says Cruz was wearing a helmet and face mask

Do you see a helmet and face mask? – SS

2:00 – Cruz has a cast on his right hand.

1:35 – 8 sheriff deputies hesitated going into the school